how lucky

26 years ago

when i was 26 years young

a beautiful baby boy was born to me

i unscientifically knew for sure he was going to be a boy

 but i didn't know what to do with a boy.

i thought, "if he's artistic and funny, maybe i'll know what to do."

and for once in my life, BOY did my wish ever come true.

he's an artist, a punk rocker, a pro skateboarder, and
really and truly the funniest person i've ever met.
(proof: milk once literally came out of my nose from his making me laugh --
and that was when he was only 9.)

when he was 18 i let him get this, his first tattoo
of a logo he designed for his someday-in-the-future skateboard company
which he named "filth."

shortly after graduating from art school,
he painted a series of "fortune cats" 
to express something about the pressure an artist feels to "make money"
i don't have pictures of all of them
because some have been sold, and some he hasn't sent me yet.

last year i gave him a small ceramic fortune cat 
which i just happened to "luck" upon.
and this year, to mark two of my lifetimes 
and how fortunate i've been to have him
 i crocheted one for him, to add to his collection.

happy birthday 



this won a blue ribbon at the fair...

and so did these...

even this got a second-place ribbon.

not too bad, considering i wasn't sure any of them were even worth entering.

speaking of entering,
(and what i've been doing with most of the summer)
after what seemed like nothing less than giving a pint of blood and a pound of flesh,
plus at least a liter of adrenaline,
we finally know for sure that my little guy (little? he's nearly my height!)
will be going to the right school in a few weeks.
dare we hope life will get back to normal around here soon?
(there is no normal.)
but we're still very grateful and relieved. 


earth-made fascination

my children have been asking me to take them to this "wicked awesome" rock shop for ages. i've been to various stores that sell "gemstones" and such before, and haven't been overly impressed, so i wasn't in any rush to stop by this one - 

but we had some spare time the other day, 
and my son (and therefore, i) have had a bit of a rough go of it lately... 
so i thought taking a little trip to visit there would be a good distraction.
the outside of the tiny cottage didn't begin to prepare me for what was inside...
(though there were some incredible huge chunks of quartz and granite around, 
and the statues of the Blessed Virgin were inviting)...

as soon as we walked through the door, the sparkling light and yes, the "energy" emanating from all the stones gave our weary little souls an immediate feeling of rejuvenation and lightness!

there were rocks, crystals, slabs, fossils, minerals of every imaginable kind, on every surface, 
floor to ceiling, 
but instead of feeling crowded and cramped, the space felt expansive and dreamy.

once again i had to resort to pulling out ye ol' crappy cell-phone camera, and after a while
i felt sorta creepy furtively taking so many pictures in this tiny place, 
so i didn't begin to capture all that there was to take in.
but i hope some of the magic will come through from what i could get...

there was so much more & we'll have to return there many more times...
i'm not much of a collector of things, but right then and there, 
i may have just become a gatherer of stones, maybe even a devotee...

i did some nerdy reading in this book this morning after my chores were done...

i ♥ it when my kids are right. 


rainy days & sundays...

...always get me (the opposite of) down

wet green trees outside my window

soft sound of rain in the pines

quiet and mist

serene morning mass

so peaceful, some of us slept right through it 


...that carol merrill is showing you now:

Phew - there's been almost no time lately to woman the hooks and needles in any kind of productive way - at most a stitch or two's been squeezed (squozen?) in here and there, 
and those more for stress relief than anything finshed... 
but in my de-stressing twiddlings i did manage to learn something new to me ~ 
the basics of tunisian crochet. 

neat and textural 
(if i ever invent a cocktail, i think i'll name it that)

this one long tunisian hook i own was unearthed by accident
so i took it as a sign & looked up some instructions.

(there's a good, clear & simple photo-tutorial on this nice blog.)

i thought this stitch would make a sturdy dishcloth, and it probably would, 
but it's pretty slow going, and i don't know how to keep it from curling up a lot. 
(that's why my hands are in all the pictures,
kinda like carol merrill caressing an amana (tm) radar range) 

maybe you have to make two layers and stitch them together?
doing that would make a nice hot pad, with lavender stuffed inside, yes?

the back reminds me of knitted seed stitch. 

this beautiful, sturdy, old-fashioned soaker (diaper cover) was done in tunisian crochet.
that would take a lot of patience to do, but i think it's really wonderful.
maybe someday one of my 19 zillion great-nieces/nephews will receive one from me.

meanwhile, aimless stitchings shall continue apace...
'til next time!


In the belly of the whale...

toiling away to get my special-needs son's schooling details taken care of...

+  it's been hotter than hades....

+ the legacy of the head injury has been knocking on my skull (frequent severe headaches)...

speaking of which, there's a wee blurb about it on The Lion Brand Blog... 
along with mention of five other courageous women.

also, speaking of my son...
here he is proudly wearing his first finished crochet project
(a necklace)...

back to the old drawing board
so i can get back to the blog
sooner or later!


read it and sweat

it's not just too hot to work on my scrappy afghan (but it's almost finished, and i'll show it to you soon!) it's too hot to even talk about it (but you can glimpse a sneaky peek at it in the background of these pictures).

look at what the free-old-book fairies have thoughtfully strewn in my hot, sweaty path, to give me something to do while it's too sweltering to do anything, even sleep...

more support for my unchanging advice: "don't go on boats!"
however, today i wouldn't mind being right inside this picture.
Giotto is my and Miss Jean Brodie's favorite!
the passion comes through, even in black and white.
to get an idea of how old, check out the original price.
my 13-year-old summers consisted of singing, dancing, strumming the guitar, riding lessons,
and making endless drawings like these.
cannot even believe this classic was being discarded by a library and given away!
too hot to even think about knitting? on the contrary, dreaming of wool and november is necessary to denial.